Colorado School of Acting is a tight-knit community and we are happy to be growing!


CSA is growing because our staff and students are so amazing! Did you know our students and alums have appeared in major projects such as Young Sheldon, Abbott Elementary, Stranger Things, American Horror Stories, Fuller House, This is Us, Sesame Street, 9-1-1, All the Money in the World, All Rise, VICE, Casting JonBenet, Chicago Fire, Amateur, Despicable Me 3, and more?  Our students also work locally in commercials and in great theatres like the Denver Center, Town Hall Arts Center, Arvada Center, Candlelight, Aurora Fox, and more. In this teaching role, you will be able to connect with and prepare up-and-coming young actors from the Colorado area for the world of entertainment that we all love.

We are a tight-knit community of caring professional teaching artists. When we have an opening to fill, we are looking for Teaching Artists who are mature and student-focused, with experience both in education and acting performance. Our part-time teaching positions are compensated with an hourly rate and regular raises. Most of our Teaching Artists work 3 to 5 shifts per week, with each shift being 2 to 5 hours. Teaching Artists are paid weekly as W2 employees. Some positions may have the option to expand over time. The CSA community is interested in instructors who will be with us for many years. If you are a professional actor and instructor, we welcome your submission.

Colorado School of Acting is always glad to hear from experienced, responsible acting teachers.

The ideal candidate:

  1. has teaching experience.
  2. has professional acting experience.
  3. has a working understanding of how actors find opportunities and get cast.
  4. is flexible and open to professional feedback and ongoing development.
  5. is patient, has a sense of humor and a constructive attitude.
  6. is responsive to communication in a timely manner.
  7. is student-focused. We are here to serve our students.


  • Please send an email letter explaining your interest to:  [email protected]
  • Please use the subject line: TEACHING ARTIST POSITION.
  • Please attach your teaching and/or acting resume.

Almost all of our staff positions involve more than one location. We have a primary studio location in Centennial, plus Zoom and three other regional spaces where we hold classes for the convenience of our students.

  1. Centennial – our main studio and offices are located in the Park Meadows area, near Highlands Ranch.
  2. Lakewood – our performance space on west side of town, at Wadsworth and Jewell.
  3. Colorado Springs – near Academy Blvd & Flintridge Dr. (Extra stipend provided for the drive).
  4. Westminster – north end of town, at 88th and Sheridan, near Highway 36.  (Extra stipend provided for the drive).
  5. Denver / Central Park – closed due to pandemic. We hope to re-open a Denver location as we continue to recover.



This position will be open in late summer of 2024.

  • Applicants may submit anytime starting now.

Applicants must be proficient in:

  • Editing video in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Editing scenes shot on blue screen and green screen.
  • Film Production procedures (for a student shoot on iPhone).
  • Audio skills preferred – prod (boom/recorder) and post (Foley etc.).

100% In-Person Schedule: 20 hrs/wk x $20/hr = $400/wk to start

  • 4:15-8:15 Mondays: Centennial
  • 4:15-8:15 Tuesdays: Centennial
  • 4:15-8:15 Wednesdays: Lakewood
  • 4:15-8:15 Thursdays: Lakewood
  • 4:15-8:15 Fridays: Centennial
  • Occasional weekend shoots, on the clock at your regular rate.
  • Certain elements of the schedule may flex, but mostly it will be set.

Editing and Production responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-production meetings and prep for shoots as needed.
  • Editing: creating rough cut of each project, holding review sessions to take notes on changes, creating a final cut, and uploading final version to websites as agreed.
  • Managing weekly video posts on CSA’s social media accounts.

Teaching responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching Production Class on Fridays in Centennial. It’s a class of our most advanced students, completely focused on making shows.
  • Coaching Club: daily Zoom sessions to assist student actors with memorization and material prep.
  • Support for classes on Zoom or in person as needed.
  • Occasional subbing as needed.
  • Administrative responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Front Desk Reception for classes taught by others during your work hours.
  • Whatever else comes up – we all wear a lot of hats in a small company!


  • Please send an email letter explaining your interest to:  [email protected]
  • Please use the subject line: FILMMAKER / TEACHING ARTIST POSITION.
  • Please attach your resume. Links to your work are welcome.

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