Improve Your Filmmaking Skills and Knowledge

Filmmaking Classes for TeensInterested in Making Your Own Movies?

Come learn all about Filmmaking!

In our Filmmaking Classes for Teens, different courses cover different aspects of filmmaking including:
+ Pre-Production: Creating the concept, writing the story and the scenes, learning lines, casting, rehearsal & blocking, developing characters, scheduling, planning shots, story-boarding, costuming, set design, location scouting, etc.
+ Production: Shooting! Students can learn about cinematography, lighting, sound/boom, camera duties, on-camera acting, production management, data management, script supervision, etc.
+ Post-Production : Editing the film, after effects, color correction, sound design, etc. "Post" is when the real movie magic happens!
+ And FUN! Working together, creating something, and hanging out with friends!

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