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When you first start acting, it can feel like there is so much to learn and do. And there is! But that's why it's helpful and way more fun if you're part of a supportive community. You can benefit from the experience of your instructors and more experienced student actors and parents. We are here to help!
CSA Student Headshots

Each student in the CSA Elite Program has the opportunity to attend headshot update sessions at the start of each new semester, for FREE! It includes just one look and one retouched image, all at no cost to you. You can order additional retouched images from the photographer if you want to! The images will be delivered to you as hi-res digital files of the pictures.

What are Headshots?

Headshots are photographs that actors use in order to get auditions and work. A headshot is basically an advertisement for you as an actor. Thus, is should LOOK LIKE YOU! That is the most important quality in a headshot. It should look like you – when you are looking really good! It should be engaging, show your personality, and should clearly show your face and eyes.

Info on Wardrobe – Hair – Makeup

  • Clothing: Camera-friendly clothing that looks great in headshots: SOLID COLORS, SIMPLE NECKLINES. Look for colors that enhance your eyes and skin tone. Bold or deep colors such as jewel tones tend to work well. Avoid busy patterns. Focus on your shoulders and torso. Your waist and lower will not show.
  • Jewelry: Little or none. We want the focus to be on your eyes and smile!
  • Hair: Please have hair clean and neatly groomed. Stay away from bows, clips, etc. – think ‘simple.’ The way your hair looks in your headshot is exactly the way it should look for all your auditions until you change your headshot. If you are thinking about changing your hair, do it BEFORE you get your pix! If you change your hair, your headshots will no longer be current.
  • Face: Come camera-ready with no makeup or minimal, light, natural makeup if appropriate for your age and look.
  • If you selected the optional upgrade that includes the makeup artist, please come with your face clean and moisturized. You are welcome to bring your own makeup, but please do not apply it if you’re seeing the MUA.
How to Create Your Acting Resume:
  • You can create your resume from this Acting Resume Template in Google Drive.
  • Save a copy to your own Google Drive.
  • Replace the general info and picture with your own. If you do not have your official headshots yet, use the best current picture you have of your face.
  • Make sure your contact info is correct, and that you are easily reachable. CSA’s phone is also on there to help people reach you for possible acting work. You may change that to your agent’s info if you have one.
  • Do not include: dates of productions or physical stats. Why? Your height and weight will never help you get an audition, only potentially rule you out. And your photo is in color, so you don’t need to list hair & eye color.
  • Your Acting Resume should be one page only, even if you are Parker Posey or Denzel Washington.
  • If you have little or no experience, that’s okay. Do not make up credits, but definitely include everything you’ve done, even school productions.
  • Everyone starts somewhere. If you’ve really never done a show of any kind, then just include your training and contact info.
  • Once you print it on regular 8.5 by 11 paper, you will need to use a paper-cutter to cut the paper down to 8×10, and then staple it back-to-back with your 8×10 headshot.

Some other helpful links about creating your Acting Resume:

Article on

YouTube Tutorial – not exactly like our template but very informative!

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