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CSA Elite Program


to start in the CSA Elite Program

The CSA Elite Program is for young people who want to work hard at acting and do a lot with it.

We hold auditions to make sure that any new students entering the program are ready to work hard and have the necessary age-appropriate skill level to be able to really enjoy it and benefit from it.

You do not need to prepare anything for your CSA acting audition – you will be given a script to read. You will not need to memorize, but you will be given a few minutes to practice out loud and prepare.

Just come on time to the location where you signed up: CSA Centennial, CSA Lakewood, CSA Colorado Springs, CSA Westminster, or Zoom. Minors need to have a parent present the entire time. See you there!



  • Children 5-7 years old – Centennial location only.
  • Tweens 8-12 years old – all locations for the CSA Elite Program.
  • Teens 13-19 years old – all locations for the CSA Elite Program.


  • For Tweens and especially Teens, some acting experience is preferred. School plays, acting workshops, self-made short films or videos, etc. all count as demonstrated interest and experience. If you are interested in the Elite Program and have zero experience with acting, we recommend starting in our Weekly Workshops for at least a few classes before scheduling your Elite Program audition.
  • For very young children, no experience is needed. We are looking for a strong desire or interest from a child, along with age-appropriate skills and committed parents. The Showbiz Kids class for ages 5-7 in Centennial can be taken as a Free Trial for First-Time Students, or also as Drop-In Weekly Workshops so that little kids can get involved without necessarily making a big commitment until they know more what it’s all about.

After your audition, you will find out your results before you leave.

If you are invited to enroll, your Enrollment Fee will be due the very next day. You can begin attending classes immediately!

If you are not invited to enroll, do not despair! Read below – “PERSIST!”


If you are not immediately offered placement in the CSA Elite Program, do not be discouraged!

  • Many of our wonderful students auditioned more than once.
  • We will provide specific feedback on your audition so you know what to work on for next time.
  • Then, we recommend taking some of our Drop-In Acting Workshops for a while.
  • Then you can try again next time! 90% of life is showing up! Keep showing up with a great, ready to work attitude, and you will be amazed at the doors that open for you in life.

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