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Drop-In Acting ClassesDrop-In Acting Workshops

Open to the Public and Current CSA Students.
Ages 5 to 7: Available only on Saturdays in Centennial.
Ages 8 & Up: Available in Centennial & Lakewood & on Zoom.

Your first time is FREE!

  • You can pay per class. No commitment required.
  • You can start any time. The curriculum is not cumulative. Each class stands alone.
  • You will have fun working on camera and strengthening your acting skills in a fast-paced class!

These Workshops are intended for:

  1. Anyone who would like to study acting. Beginners and experienced actors alike are welcome, and can each student work at their own level.
  2. Prospective students who are interested in auditioning for our Elite Program. You are welcome to take a free trial Workshop as an introduction to our school.
  3. Current CSA Elite Program Actors who enjoy receiving extra on-camera instruction, at no additional cost!

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Our Workshop Format:

  1. Warmups – Physical and Vocal
  2. Acting Improv Exercises with a Teaching Point.
  3. Scripted Material – the bulk of class time will be spent on the scripted material.

Types of scripted material are on a 4-week rotation:

  1. Commercial Audition & Performance, including Slating. Improvised and Scripted Commercials are addressed.
  2. 2-Person Scenes, with both actors onstage.
  3. Self Tape TV & Film Auditions using a Scene, with only one actor onstage/on-camera.
  4. Monologues for Audition & Performance.

Note: Anytime a student wants to bring in their own material to prepare for an audition, they may do that instead of working on the scripted material that the class is doing.​


You can PAY PER CLASS for maximum convenience!

  1. Just click on your age group above.
  2. Sign up for the dates you want to attend.
  3. The system will prompt you to pay for your classes.
  4. If you select at least 4 dates at a time, you’ll enjoy a discount.

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