A Comprehensive Acting Training Program for Serious Young Actors

ELITE PROGRAM ACTING CLASSESAre you ready to have a whole community supporting your acting life?

The Elite Program at CSA is a comprehensive program that provides not only acting classes, but also tools, support, and regular performance and networking opportunities for your acting development and enjoyment.

  • Philosophy: Acting is like any other skill-based endeavor. Just like karate, ballet, piano, or soccer, you get a tiny bit better every time you try hard at acting. It’s not about talent – it’s about effort. Cumulative effort, to be more precise. You will make strides at some times, and have setbacks at other times. But every person we have ever known who decided, “I’m an actor and I’m going to keep at it,” has gotten to do some really fun stuff with acting!
  • Commitment: The Elite Program requires an initial commitment of 12 months – because a year is not much time to launch or level-up your acting life. Most of our students stay much longer than a year because they are having fun, learning a lot, reaching goals, and setting new goals!
  • Ages served: At our monthly auditions, we admit Kids & Teens ages 5 through 19. Once you are in the Elite Program, you can continue well into your 20s.
  • Schedule: Our acting classes meet year-round, with 44 weeks of class and 8 weeks of break, designed to mostly line up with school year breaks. When students are away for a few weeks, like for summer travel, they can easily make it up on Zoom while they are away, or by doubling up each week when they get back. Acting is a marathon, not a sprint – so we try to make it possible for students and families to continue long enough to enjoy some of the rewards of their hard work!
  • Regular Performances: Acting is a PERFORMING art – so we make sure our students get lots of opportunities to get stronger at performing! A performance is different from class. Everything we do in class builds toward and culminates in performance and learning opportunities with Industry Guest Professionals. Elite Program students perform at least 8 times per year! As you matriculate to become one of our Advanced Actors and eventually a member of CSA Company, you will perform even more.
  • You’re welcome to Take a Free Trial Workshop first before auditioning if you want, but you don’t have to.
  • Serious about acting and ready to take it to the next level? If yes, then you’ll want to Audition for the CSA Elite Program.

In Level 1 you will study:
+ Acting Theory: Stanislavski, Meisner, Adler, Strasberg, Lewis, Clurman, & Hagen
+ Breaking Down, Preparing & Performing Scenes from TV & Film
+ Selecting, Customizing, Breaking Down, Preparing & Performing Monologues
Audition & Interview Technique, Cold Reading, and ‘About Me’ Spiel
+ How to Act Successfully in a Variety of Different Media and Circumstances

You will emerge from Level 1 with professional headshots, an established social media presence, the ability to find your own auditions and performance opportunities, performance-ready audition monologues (dramatic and comedic), an understanding of the business, an organized and scientific approach to your auditions and networking, at least 1 new show on your resume, and much more!


In Level 2, you will go on to study Comedy including Sitcom Acting, Character Types, Creating a Unique and Marketable Character, Various Joke Structures, Improvisation, and more in-depth Acting Technique.


Level 3 delves into Dramatic Acting – especially the grounded, truthful style that is popular in Film and 1-hour Television.

After Level 3, students can audition into our performance troupe, CSA Company.


In CSA Company, you will add on another weekly class that is dedicated completely to making shows. Company members participate in all aspects of show creation, from concept to completion. This includes sitcoms, short format pieces, and live theatre.

You will also continue in your Advanced Acting Classes, building on all of the work you have done so far in Acting Theory, Improv, Performance Prep, Marketing, etc.


$297 Enrollment Fee: This is due the day after your successful audition. It is a one-time fee, as long as you remain continuously enrolled. Your Enrollment Fee covers some key tools that actors need, which will be yours to keep:

  • Pop-up 5×7′ Blue Screen. This is the standard backdrop for self-tape auditions as well as Zoom workshops, showcases, meetings, and auditions or callbacks.
  • Tripod Ring-Light. It’s a tripod that holds your phone for self-tape auditions. There is a ring-light attached to help make sure you have enough light directly on your face. You can fill in the rest of the light with windows, lamps, etc. unless you want to get even fancier with soft-boxes.
  • Acting Class Binder. Each new student is given a 3-ring notebook with all the info and tools they’ll need to get started in class. Be sure to bring it with you to EVERY CLASS! It includes a pencil and highlighter so you can mark your scripts, and you’ll want to keep all your scripts, class info, feedback forms, notes, etc. in your Acting Binder!

$245 Monthly Tuition: Each month on the 25th, your tuition will process automatically for the coming month.

  • The first month is the only big one financially, because you’ll pay the $297 when you enroll, then $245 later that same month to pay for the next month’s tuition. For example, if you audition on January 14th, you’ll pay $297 on 1/15, then your February tuition of $245 will process on 1/25.
  • After that first month, it’s always the $245 on the 25th. We try to make the financial part predictable and sustainable for our CSA Families! No matter what that month’s event is, or how much it costs the school, you always pay the same tuition.
  • If you need to cancel, you must provide written notice by the 15th of the month that you want to be your final month. If you have not yet completed your initial 12 months, an Early Cancellation Fee will apply.

Discounts and Scholarships FAQs:

  • We are a Colorado-Family-Owned Business. The tuition our students pay is the only revenue we have. Therefore, we are not able to offer full scholarships because we wouldn’t be able to pay the rents, teachers, and special guests!
  • We do offer a discount for siblings. If you have more than one student auditioning, please ask about it.
  • We also offer a discount for students who are military dependents. Again, if this applies to you, please ask about it.
  • For Little Kids (ages 5 to 7) who are in our Showbiz Kids Class on Saturdays in Centennial, your tuition rate is $195 per month because it is a shorter class.

Our Elite Program is All-Inclusive – meaning you can participate in all the events listed at no extra cost!

  1. Your Elite Program Classes – the most important part! Whether you attend in Centennial, Lakewood, Westminster, Colorado Springs, or on Zoom, you will receive the same excellent instruction, performance prep, and acting world guidance!
  2. Acting Workshops – All students in the Elite Program may also attend the Drop-In Acting Workshops, which teach different lessons than your Elite Program Classes. This is optional but encouraged, especially for first-year students. It doubles your instruction time for no extra cost., and nicely rounds out your first year’s acting education.
  3. We also offer After School Coaching Club on Zoom at no extra charge for our Elite Program students. Get free instructor support learning your lines for auditions!
  4. Special Events – Every Month at no extra cost!
  • There is a discount available for Siblings or Military Personnel.
  • You will never be pressured to spend more than your regular monthly tuition.

Special Events Schedule (included FREE in the Elite Program):

  1. January & August: Headshots Updates for All Elite Program Actors
  2. February & September: Self Tape Audition Workshop
  3. March & October:  Showcase for Colorado Guests in Ad or Theatre Industry
  4. April & November: Auditioning for TV & Film MasterClass taught by Top Casting Director
  5. May & December: Agent/Manager Showcase with Talent Reps from Los Angeles
  6. June: Red Carpet Event – CSA Awards Ceremony
  7. July: Summer Play! Live Theatre Starring Our Students
  • ​Additional performances & networking opportunities for students in Company!​
  • Schedule of events may be subject to change, but they will always be AMAZING!
More than
with top LA Agents like NTA, DDO Kids, A3, Buchwald, The House of Representatives, Clear Talent, and more!
More than
with top Denver Agents like Donna Baldwin, Eden Talent, Radical Artists, Big Fish Talent, and more!
More than
in professional, paid acting jobs ranging from local Colorado ads to major films and TV shows!

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